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"Bogdan" and URSUS built electric bus

ЗображенняThe Company "Bogdan" in cooperation with the Polish company URSUS started work on the production of a prototype electric city bus "Bogdan" E701.

Ukraine has produced a new bus "Karpaty"


New coach bus A102 "Karpaty" presented at the exhibition "Lviv commodity producer," held from 2 to 6 October. The machine is designed now "Stry-Auto" from Stry, which specializes in manufacturing small buses on chassis Mercedes-Benz. The work on the new model also took an active part, LLC "VEEM-Matallavtoprom" - well-known manufacturer of bus components, in particular seats. Bus A102 "Karpaty" refers to the tourist cars of the middle class. It has a length of 9.42 m, width 2.46 m and height 3.09 m. Based body is spatial, all-welded steel frame.

Products LMV-33 certified by ISO9001 standard

We are happy to announce that our company has recently received the ISO 9001 quality certificate. 
The present certificate to certify that our quality management system for electric installations (DC 016-2010 Code DKPP 29.31, 27.3, 27.9, 016-97 Code DKPP 31.30, 31.6) in accordance with applicable regulatory documents in Ukraine meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2009 "Quality Management Systems. Requirements."


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