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Motor Show TIR 2012: Presented bus ATAMAN


At the stand of JSC "Cherkasskiy Autobus' debut a bus Ataman with reduced-floor for passengers with disabilities.
City bus of a small class Ataman A093H2 (H3 or P4) is to solve social problems of cities. The model is adapted to transport people with disabilities. The model is adapted for transporting people with disabilities. For this at the car placed ​​a reduced rear overhang and special ramps, ramp for wheelchair-in. To facilitate the boarding and disembarking a tilting system at stops kneeling. Interior is designed to carry 52 passengers, seats 18 plus two hinged at the rear of the cabin. Ataman A093 is equipped with a turbo-diesel version of the H2 Isuzu Euro 2 121 HP version H3 - Isuzu Euro 3 engine with a capacity of 174 hp, and the modification of H4 - Isuzu engine Euro 4, which develops 148 hp Transmission - Isuzu, the car with the engine of Euro 2 - one 5-speed, and the other two - 6-speed.

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Source:  Allukrainian automobile portal
Author: Yuri Gogolev