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Buses "Ataman"


Buses "Ataman" is the reincarnation of a well-known and well-established bus Bogdan A 092. Producer of these buses left  PJSC "Cherkasky bus". The design of the new buses suffered more than 25 modifications of performance characteristics. In particular, a complete replacement of parts and materials to better and more practical. For the comfort and convenience of luggage, increased luggage space and angle it covers. Also changed the design of front bumper, headlights, rear window other details. Lights, including fog, were manufactured by Hella. Buses are equipped with materials for noise reduction and an improved suspension.
Products of JSC "Cherkassy bus" is well known in many countries: Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and other countries near and far abroad.

Model range:

  • City bus small А09201, А09202, А09204
  • Intercity bus small А09211, А09212, А09214
  • Tourist Bus А09212, А09214
  • City bus small А092Н2 & А092Н4
  • Bus specialize С09212 & С09214
  • Bus specialized operational and rescue C092S2 & C092S4
  • Chassis with bodywork of mobile laboratories of fluorographic А092Р2 & А092Р4
  • City bus small А09203
  • Intercity bus А30141
  • School bus А30171 & А30172
  • Intercity bus small А09314
  • Bus combi С092Т2
  • Bus tourist А40160 enhanced comfort 
  • Bus of model А049 tour class A
  • School bus D093S2
  • City bus А09302, А09304