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Products LMV-33 certified by ISO9001 standard


We are happy to announce that our company has recently received the ISO 9001 quality certificate. 

The present certificate to certify that our quality management system for electric installations (DC 016-2010 Code DKPP 29.31, 27.3, 27.9, 016-97 Code DKPP 31.30, 31.6) in accordance with applicable regulatory documents in Ukraine meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2009 "Quality Management Systems. Requirements."

«ISO 9001:2000« Quality Management Systems . Requirements " - an international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system . This standard was developed by Technical Committee ISO / TK 176 . ISO requirements for a quality management system established in this International Standard are complementary to requirements for products. This International Standard can be used by internal and external parties , including certification bodies , to assess the organization's ability to meet the requirements of regulations and their requirements.

ISO 9001 specifies the primary goal of quality controls in:

  • studying the requirements and needs of consumers; 
  • promote understanding and coordination of customer requirements and regulatory acts, stable output in full compliance with the applicable requirements; 
  • controlling the level of consumers' satisfaction; 
  • continuous improvement of production processes in the company to improve customer satisfaction. 

"LMV-33" company has always cared about the quality of its products and is constantly towards their customers.